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  • As most fishing opportunities are shutting down, winter cutthroat fishing is heating up on Lake Sammamish. Many factors keep these fish hungry and voracious, helping us as anglers catch these magnificent fish. This time of year, the fish are acrobats and fly out of the water to hit gear near the surface. A 5 fish limit of beautiful red meat cutthroat is sure to bring days of great eating to your table. 
    • 1 person: $185
    • 2 people: $325
    • 3 people: $450 
    • 4 people: $575


    • Riffe Lake is nestled right in the foothills of Mt. Rainier and offers some gorgeous scenery, as well as fantastic fishing for landlocked coho salmon ranging from 15-18 inches, with the occasional 20 incher! This lake also offers some awesome bonus fish, including the potential to catch a landlocked King salmon, as well as cutthroat and rainbow trout. Landlocked coho are very similar to Kokanee, and are voracious predators year round with tasty fillets for your table.  with a 5-fish limit and 2-pole fishing allowed, this lake gets crazy with double and triple hooks being common!
      • 1 person: $2oo
      • 2 people: $375
      • 3 people: $500
      • 4 people: $620


  • Just outside Seattle! The Green River is a hidden steelhead gem, and one of the absolute closest places to catch this elusive fish to metropolis. As the Steelhead are starting to show up, large numbers of CHUM and COHO salmon are still being caught. This is a drift- boat trip that will again sneak you away from the crowds and put you in some empty water filled with fish. Learn the In’s and Outs of steelhead/salmon fishing, using specialty techniques that will improve your catch at any destination.
    • 1 person: $200
    • 2 people: $400
    • 3 people: $575


  • coastal steelhead fishing at its finest! . If you haven’t experienced a drift boat trip, this is the trip for you. Drift eggs, shrimp, lures, jigs, and pull plugs for these fish AS YOU WATCH THEM SWIM UP RIVER! Steelhead range from 8-15 pounds, with a bi-catch of cutthroat trout as a bonus. THIS FISHERY IS ONCE IN A LIFETIME!
    • 1 person: $225 
    • 2 people: $550 
    • 3 people: $650